The Selling Process

Q. What is the ‘typical process’ for me to sell my company and what can I ‘realistically’ expect to occur during this process?

A. A phone call from you to me is the first step.

I will ‘Listen’ very carefully to your specific situation, the desires you have for your company and your realistic personal goals… I will analyze the information you have related to me, and I may suggest and/or recommend that you talk with (1) specific corporate buyer client of ours, possibly (2) corporate buyer clients who I ‘Feel’ would be ‘Best Suited’ for your specific company, in conjunction with your corporate goals and personal desires.

Then, upon approval from YOU, I will help arrange and facilitate a phone call between ONLY you and whomever of our corporate buyer clients you have given us authorization to talk with… You and our corporate buyer client, during the course of this pre-arranged, non-obligatory phone call will determine WHAT, if any, the next step(s) should be.

Q.  ’IF’ during the course of that phone call we both decide we like each other and what we ‘Bring to the table’ and want to ‘Move matters forward’– What happens next?

1: Contingent upon mutual agreement, a signing between the (2) of you of a LOC (Letter of Confidentiality) and the exchange of your company’s pertinent corporate information.

2: A physical plant visit between you and our corporate buyer client at your company and/or corporate headquarters.

3: A Letter of Intent (LOI) and subsequent approval by you and/or your board of directors.

4: Upon mutual acceptance of said LOI, Due Diligence begins, which typically takes approximately (45)+/- days.

5: Following the Due Diligence phase, a Definitive Contract is then duly executed between all parties and a ‘Firm Closing Date’ is established.

6: Official Closing occurs on said date, and transfer of funds are directed to your account. Our corporate buyer client, along with your entire management team and staff all begin ‘Working together’ to grow your compamy to its next level of success via capital expenditures and also ‘Add-On’ Acquisitions.

Q. I will NOT be able to sell my company unless I know my entire management team and all employees are ‘Taken Care Of’… How can I ‘Rest easy’ knowing that they will be properly taken care of???

A. Any Corporate Buyer Client that I may have ‘identified and recommended’ that you talk with will ONLY be interested in your company provided that your company:

Remain totally intact, with your entire management team and all employees ‘On Board’ post closing. For only with their committed help will our corporate buyer client be able to successfully ‘GROW’ your company to its ‘Next Level’ of business success.

Q. I have always been told and/or ‘Thought’ that either buying or selling a company was an extremely complex matter. How/Why do you make it sound ‘so simple’?

A. Buying or selling a company is either as complex or as simple as you, the owner, allow it to be.

For example:

Over the years, you’ve been approached by numerous Investment Bankers, and you probably have a private desk drawer full of their business cards… Any one of which you could call, and their response/’pitch’ to you would probably be something such as this:

1: For them to ‘represent you’, they will require an EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO SELL CONTRACT, which typically extends up to a period of (3) years, for every possible Buyer Client they register with you, along with a retainer from you of somewhere between $25,000 upwards to $100,000 for them to manufacture a ‘BOOK’ about your company… They will also charge you a ‘Success Fee’ at closing, which typically will range from (5%) upwards to (10%) of the total purchase price your company is sold for: Their Fee includes assumption of debt and/or any/all liabilities, etc… This will be a CASH FEE from you to them at closing.

2: The ‘Book’ they manufacture is sent out to literally hundreds, if not thousands, of prospective buyers. You can only ‘imagine’ just how many phone calls, emails, and/or letters you will receive in just the 1st few days following this ‘Book’ being mailed. All of your competitors, suppliers, corporate staff and employees will now know that you are preparing to sell your company, and they are all ‘Worried’ about their future with the company, as they well should be… This usually poses a most serious problem, for most business owners aren’t fully prepared for all the calls the ‘Book’ will generate.

With us, everything is TOTALLY DIFFERENT…

1: There is no contract from you with us.
2: There is no fee due from you to us.
3: We will ONLY make a suggestion/recommendation as to ‘WHO’ you talk with.
4: YOU are in TOTAL CONTROL as to WHO you talk with, at all times, and are under No Obligation Whatsoever to us at any time, with us acting only as a Professional Finder Firm.