‘Thank You’ for visiting our Web Site… Our entire message has been designed with the sole purpose of providing you ‘INSIGHT’ into the real selling process of your company, while making you aware that, by calling us, and utilizing our NO FEE SERVICE as a ‘Professional Finder Firm’, you will now have the opportunity to avail yourself of the Corporate Option of talking (1 on 1) with at least (1) highly financially qualified corporate buyer, and possibly more than (1), should you so desire…. YOU ARE IN COMPLETE CONTROL AT ALL TIMES AS TO ‘WHO’ YOU TALK WITH…We simply listen to you and your specific situation and needs and then, and only then, make a suggestion/recommendation….YOU ultimately decide both WHO to talk with, and also What to do OR not do… It’s just that simple… All this is done WITHOUT YOU PUTTING YOUR COMPANY ON THE ‘AUCTION BLOCK’ and is done in a fully Confidential Non-Obligatory manner…By you talking (1 on 1) with any of our highly financially qualified
corporate buyer(s), you will now have the opportunity of asking ‘PROBING’ questions as to both the names of the companies in our corporate client’s portfolio and also HOW your company may possibly ‘FIT’ in from both a strategic and synergistic fashion… You also may ask our corporate buyer client, WHAT are the names of some of the former owners of companies they have acquired, and to get the phone numbers of these owners, so you will be able to talk (1 on 1) with these PREVIOUS OWNERS, and solicit their TRUE FEELINGS about both the honesty and veracity of our corporate buyer client. For WHO BETTER TO TELL YOU THE l00% TRUTH, than someone who has already sold their company to our Corporate Buyer Client? In a ‘Nutshell’, that’s ‘AS GOOD AS IT GETS’ for ‘Direct Questions, Always Demand Direct Answers’… Keep in mind that all this happens on the phone WITHOUT you having to subject you and your entire staff and employees to numerous ‘Dog and Pony Shows’ at your company, while exposing everyone to ‘lots of bodies’ wandering throughout your company/plant. All the needless questions from everyone always comes back to you, not to mention the countless lost man hours and ‘Down time’ for production purposes, etc… The plant visits by numerous Prospective Buyers, you will ultimately receive from an ‘AUCTION PROCESS’ poses a real problem for most business owners, and one they did not fully consider before signing an EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO SELL CONTRACT…

In closing, we wish for you the following:

  1. Good health
  2. Continued Business Success
  3. Personal happiness once you’ve sold your company, and you are now finally able to have both true and real financial ‘peace of mind’, while now being able to pursue your own personal ‘bucket list of dreams’…

We will ‘Welcome’ your call to us whenever you are seriously ready to explore your corporate options, and your own personal financial future. As I look at myself in the mirror each morning, prior to shaving, I remind myself of (1) business truth: EXPLORE EVERY BUSINESS OPTION BEFORE MAKING A DECISION. That one statement always ends up with the same response: YOUR FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS AND NO ONE ELSE’S…

David Potter
Chairman, CEO & President