Why Act Now?

Q. Why Act Now?

A. Only (1) reason! To obtain the highest possible price for your company, right now.  By doing so, you will now be able to fully enjoy financial peace of mind, all the while keeping your company fully intact and your entire management team in place, along with securing the future for all of your employees… Time marches forward and everything changes rapidly… The fears of life are ever-present: Economic perils, natural disasters, family and/or shareholder crises, detrimental tax law changes, and our own personal health issues… Who knows what tomorrow may bring? Equity in one’s own company is NOT equal to financial liquidity now! Our select and highly financially qualified corporate client base of buyers is fully prepared to close within 90 days +/- from the date you physically meet one another… However, the date for a closing OR no closing depends entirely upon a decision from you at this time… Multiples are at their all time (32) month peak, however, as you and I both know, that won’t last long.
The best time to sell your company is when it is both very profitable, and you don’t have to sell!!! When will it be ‘Your Turn’ to fully enjoy the fruits of all your years of labor and to finally pursue your own personal dreams before it is too late for you? How much ‘QTL’ (Quality Time Left) do you realistically have??? The real ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ of life is located on Financial Regret Boulevard, it houses numerous ‘Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda’ business owners who missed their Golden Selling Opportunity. What a pity!!! Timing is everything when it comes to selling one’s business.

‘Your Decision’:

Should you truly ‘Seriously Consider’ pursuing the sale of your company at this time, and you ARE NOT a mere simple-minded ‘Curiosity Seeker’,
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